What do we do?

By working and gaining experience on top positions in sales and marketing in a number of international and domestic companies with a strong focus on customers and on the extremely competitive market, we have learned what is critical to business success. We have learned that innovation and originality in creating new solutions, both in sales and in marketing, but also in all other areas of activity directed to customers / users, are extremely important aspects of business. Along with that, applicability and simplicity are of great importance, together with sustainability of such implemented solutions.

In a competitive game everything is important – each and every, even the tiniest detail can play a key role in the success or failure of Your product or service, and thus Your company.

We are here to help you find best business solutions

Marketing consulting

Development and implementation of marketing / market entry strategies…

Digital marketing

Digital ads, content, marketing, applications, content for social networks, mobile applications…

Business-tax consulting

Tax consulting includes all relevant areas from fiscal and legal matters to business consulting.

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